Seamless integration with Zoom for best-in-class video communications

DTEN D7 and Zoom Rooms have partnered to deliver a next-generation, all-in-one video conferencing solution.

  • Simple set-up in minutes

    Comprehensive components right out of the box. Simply plug and play to get started.

  • Optimized for video communications

    Connect with up to 1000 video participants across mobile, desktop, and meeting rooms.

  • Versatile for any type of space

    Deploy DTEN D7 with Zoom Rooms in any type of meeting rooms.

  • Collaborate more productively

    Share presentations and whiteboard with in-room and remote participants.

Powerful, simple and affordable

As a plug-and-play solution, DTEN D7 includes all the core components that enable a frictionless video conferencing experience powered by Zoom Rooms for Touch.

Out of the box, it requires no software configuration or complex IT support integration, making it easier and more affordable than ever to bring the power of collaborative video to any space.

Bringing together the best of software and hardware

DTEN has combined the power of groundbreaking interactive hardware technology with best-of-breed software-based video conference room solution, Zoom Rooms.
  • Best-in-class mic array with 16 directional microphones clearly picks up the voice of the speaker.
  • A 4K wide-angle camera provides a face-to-face in-room experience for remote participants.
  • Proprietary DSP from DTEN and Zoom, keeps voices crystal clear and distracting background noise to a minimum.


Digital whiteboarding with ultra responsive touch technology - natural touch and writing with DTEN Stylus provides whiteboarding capabilities with minimized latency

Detachable microphone and camera
provide flexibility of choosing any compatible technology partner devices or using your existing devices to save your cost

4K camera provides face-to-face experience from multi-located participants. All-in-one DTEN D7 encourages interactive engagement by creating one room experience

16-elements microphone array amplifies and modulates audio quality - optimal for meeting rooms up to 20 ft x 20 ft

Spotlight Video Conference -
automatic people tracking technology with active speaker tracking
(Zoom in on active speaker)

* coming in Mid 2019

Powerful system is ready
for the best Zoom Rooms experience

One click to share on the Zoom desktop client automatically triggers wireless content sharing

Designed by DTEN in California

Ultra Slim | Ultra Thin | Lightweight


All-in-One Video Conferencing

  • All-in-One Zoom Rooms Appliance
  • 3 cameras and 8 mic array
  • Perfect for smaller spaces
  • Great for home offices
  • No contract
  • No down payment
  • Cancel anytime
  • All-in-One Zoom Rooms Appliance
  • No down payment
  • No contract period
  • Cancel anytime
As low as $4,329.00
With best-in-class 16-elements microphone array, 4K wide-angle camera and proprietary DSP engine from DTEN and Zoom, DTEN D7 is for any type of meeting rooms.
* Mobile cart is not included
15 days money back guarantee 1 year limited warranty