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Seamless Integration with Zoom.

DTEN Board + Zoom Rooms | AI-Powered Video Conferencing for New Generation Meeting Rooms.

AI-Powered Face to Face Experience

All-in-one central AI conference system that customizes lighting and audio for each meeting space.

AI-powered face detection: participant and active speaker tracking help you truly engage with your team anywhere.

Hassle Free and Affordable Solution

DTEN collaboration tools are plug and play, frictionless, require zero user training and zero IT support. Anyone can easily set up and connect.

DTEN technology drives cost savings with everything you need in one solution. No integration or expensive design costs. Open platform that works intuitively with the technology and resources companies already has. No set up needed before meetings.

Clean Meeting Space with
Seamless Technology Integration

Companies of all sizes have a high quality solution that can transform any space into a modern and collaborative team space.

Integrate with touch screen, 16-elements microphone array and 4K camera, and an on-board computer. Everything you need in this all-in-one.

Flexible integration with customer’s existing microphone and camera to minimize replacement cost.


Digital whiteboarding with ultra responsive touch technology - natural touch and writing with DTEN pen provides whiteboarding capabilities with minimized latency.

Detachable microphone and camera provide flexibility of choosing any compatible technology partner devices or using your existing devices to save your cost.

4K camera provides face-to-face experience from multi-located participants AI-powered technology encourages interactive engagement by creating one room experience.

16-elements microphone array can pick up voice over 30 feet, covering an entire meeting room. Spotlight Video Conference - automatic people tracking technology with active speaker tracking (Zoom in on active speaker).

Powerful on-board computer is ready for the best Zoom Rooms experience.

One press to share your PC or Mac screen on a DTEN Board.

Ultra Slim | Ultra Thin | Lightweight

Designed by DTEN in California

DTEN Board D7 Standard

As low as $3,999.00
The DTEN Board is one of the must-have collaboration tools for any meeting space. All-in-one central AI conference system that automatically customizes lighting, visual, and audio for each meeting space. High quality visual and audio technology that gives remote participants the same in-room look and experience. Such engaging experience helps drive productive meetings and business impact.
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15 days money back guarantee 1 year limited warranty